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Monday, May 16, 2016

Osprey Update

Stephanie just sent in this beautiful photo and the following information.


I...wanted to let you know I saw one of the osprey bring multiple loads of mown grass to the nest last week. Another person I spoke with says she watched them copulating, but I did not see that part so can't confirm.  But definitely some nest building. Attached is a photo to confirm.

Love your blog

Stephanie Colony


Thank you for the awesome photo - perfectly timed - and wonderful information!



To Fellow Osprey Observers,

Jim Kaiser, from Osprey Solutions, mentioned that for the first few weeks we might want to watch the osprey from a slightly greater than normal distance. He suggested the bench just east of the nesting platform as an appropriate location. 

Especially in the early phase of nest building any feeling of harassment may cause the osprey to give up. I have found that if I look at a bird and it stares back it is showing concern about my presence. If instead the bird ignores me and continues with whatever it was doing then I believe I am at a good distance. Simply looking away from a bird often helps them feel at ease.

Have a great day on Union Bay...where nature lives in the city!


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