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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Marsh Island Trail

A Union Bay Bald Eagle photographed from the Marsh Island Trail.

This morning Garrett Farrell, Project Manager with Seattle Parks and Recreation, explained that he is heading to Olympia this week seeking funds to upgrade the trail that connects Marsh Island to Foster Island in Union Bay. Portions of the trail float between the islands and major portions of the trail are submerged each Spring as the water level in the lake rises.

Garrett is hoping to raise the sinking portions of the trail so it does not require an annual reloading of wood chips to stay above the water line. The raised trail would also become ADA accessible and it would make wandering off the trail less likely. In addition, Garrett envisions funding to make sure the floating portions of the trail are safe, secure and functional.

Garrett assured me that his plan does not include any increase (or decrease) in the footprint of the trail. The same "side" spurs, docks and the view platform would still be accessible by foot like they are today.

A successful hunting expedition - photographed from the Marsh Island Trail. 

Garrett is in need of public support to show that the Marsh Island Trail is a community asset in need of funding and improvement. If you are a user of the Marsh Island Trail, please email Garrett and let him know you support his plan. 

He would like to know how you use the trail, e.g. birding, daily exercise, etc., and how often you use the trail. In addition, if the current setup causes you difficulty please communicate that as well. For birders it can be especially disappointing to attempt to visit the area during the Spring only to find you must ultimately turn back due to a submerged trail. This is particularly frustrating when you have to back track and circle around a mile or more to reach your intended destination.

Please email Garrett at: garrett.farrell@seattle.gov

Thank you for your support!