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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Interlaken and Beyond

Yesterday, Magnuson Park had a special visitor. This little gull is seldom seen on our side of the Cascades and is believed to be a Franklin's Gull.
Notice the dark head, dark legs & feet. I especially liked the almost delicate beak.

When flying away it was easier to see the dark wing tips and the broken band of black on the tail. (Thank you to Barry Levine for pointing it out.)

Surrounded by larger gulls this little gull aggressively defended its personal space.

It seemed to be able to stop on a dime. You might want to drop by the park to see if he (or she) hangs around.


This little wren took a break from nest building to sing a song in Interlaken Park this morning.

It repeatedly went in and out of this small crevice and was once seen carrying a large chunk of moss into the hole. Apparently the stick and leaves that are wedged in the crevice above the nesting site will provide a roof while the moss provides a bed. It sure looks like this little wren will be a thoughtful and caring parent.

Sometimes when leaving the nest it would stop for a moment as if it was planning its next step. By the way, do know which type of wren this is? You can find out in this earlier post.

Also if you would like to hear this wren's song Click Here.


 Can you find the bird in this photo? Granted it is not perfectly in focus due to all the foliage.

How about now? This bird is inspecting a potential nesting site in Interlaken Park.

Here is a bit cleaner photo of the same bird. It is a Cooper's Hawk, although a very skinny one. We can only hope this beautiful bird can avoid the the same fate as the Barred Owl.


In regards to the Barred Owls in Interlaken, it is looking like the female is all on her own for now. A special thank you to Dan, Charles and Ronda who went looking for the owls this week while I was away. 

Also, a thank you to Susan who led me to the link below. It seems that Wildcare, in Marin County, CA, has found that over 75% of their tested patients had a least one rodenticide in their blood. They are happily reporting that the local response to the situation has led to restrictions on the use of such products in their area. It seems like a logical approach to me.

To find out more Click Here.

Have a great day on Union Bay…where nature lives in the city!


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