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Friday, June 15, 2012

Name the Eaglets - Please Help!

Today Albert decided that there was too much fish in the family diet. Diving from a light pole on 520 he pulled a bird out of the air. He took his prey to the northern sculpture where a couple of crows harassed him hoping he would leave a meal for them.

He left, but he took dinner with him. Albert appeared to be working hard to carry the load as the crows gave chase.
He stopped twice more before he made it back to the nest. The last stop was in a cottonwood tree in the Beaver Lodge Sanctuary. At this point the crows had given up the chase but Albert looked visibly winded.
After resting for nearly 10 minutes he was finally ready for the last leg of the flight back to the nest.
The eaglets were happy to see dinner and Dad.

By the end of summer the eaglets will leave the nest and be off to find their own place in the world. In the meantime the only thing we can give them is names. Seattle is a creative place and we should come up with a long list of potential names for these eaglets. All suggestions submitted as comments on this blog prior to midnight on Monday night (6-18-12) will be compiled for your voting pleasure. On Thursday (6-21-12) the voting will begin. May the best names win!

We want these eaglets to feel special and we need to believe we have treated them right. We would like to make sure they start out on the right foot (or wing). We want all the best for them. The best food Union Bay has to offer, the best Broodmoor education (look out for those high flying little white balls) and the best names possible. 

One of the goals mentioned in the last blog was to inspire the creation of a salmon spawning pond that feeds into Union Bay. Not only would this help feed future generations of eagles it would also create a place for Seattle grade schoolers to release the salmon fry they help to raise from eggs. Given that the two public  grade schools that are closest to the nest are Montlake and McGilvra one possible set of names for the eaglets could be Monty and McGilvra.

Given that the two closest Seattle neighborhoods are Montlake and Madison Park. Another option would be Monty and Madison. 

While on the subject of names some might ask how Eddie, Albert and Eva got their names. Here is what we do and do not know. We do not know who named Eddie, "Eddie the Eagle", however there was British Olympic ski jumper in the 1988 Olympics who was referred to as "Eddie the Eagle". His skill on the slopes might have been seen as a parallel to our Eddies' skill at avoiding buses. Maybe this was what someone was thinking when they came up with the name.

In regards to the names for Albert and Eva. One must start with the fact that the name Eddie had already been given. When trying to think of a name for his replacement the first male name to come to mind was Albert. This was inspired from an old TV show called "Green Acres". The main characters were played by the actors Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. This realization led to the name Eva for the female eagle.

Josephines' comment "I propose that we name the babies "Beatrice" and "Eleanor". And yes, those names might need to be changed if they're male." most likely stems from two other actresses who played in Green Acres. If we stay with the Green Acres theme the larger of the two eaglets, who seems to always be the first one to snatch food from the parents, could also be named Arnold, after Arnold the Pig in the Green Acres show. However there is no need to stay with this theme. We really want the best possible names.

Please put on your thinking caps. For the next few days, when you cross 520 and look up and see Albert or Eva spend the next few moments dreaming up your suggestions for the eaglets' names. Later, not while you are driving, please add your suggestions in the comments at the end of this blog.

Here is one more video to help inspire you to name the eaglets...
And a photo. Notice the changing of the feathers as the eaglets continue to grow.

Happy naming!



  1. I like Monty and Maddy for boy/girl names.

    1. I like this too-generic names that could be male or female--since dont know gender of eaglettes

  2. How about Ally for a girl and Evan for a boy. Crosses between the parents Albert and Eva.

    1. A very interesting and thoughtful suggestion! Larry

  3. Did Eva have eaglets with her previous mate Eddie? Did those eaglets have names?

    1. Neighbors say yes Eddie and Eva had young last year. I am not aware of any published names for them. Thanks for asking.

    2. Our group of friends named that baby "Pookie". But that was a result of the names we'd christened the 520 eagles years ago: "Phil" (your "Eddie") and "Pat" (your "Eva"). See: http://bit.ly/NBBba4

  4. My previously suggested names of "Beatrice" and "Eleanor" are unrelated to Green Acres. I suggested them because they're regal, magestic, and if you'll pardon the pun, lofty. The names also harken back to a time when bald eagles were more plentiful in the region. While I appreciate your suggested area-based names, I still prefer my initial suggestion.

  5. I've been maintaining a blog "Ethel and Ernest 520 Eagles" but am perfectly happy with Eva and Albert. No matter what we call them they are our eagles, and they are amazing. Perhaps, if the names Eva and Albert have now been widely accepted for the parents, Ethel and Ernest would be nice for opposite gender eaglets, or Ethelbert and Ernest for two males, Ethel and Ernestine for two females. Whatever they are named, thanks for the wonderful photos!

  6. Thank you for the kind comments. Sorry we were already committed and completed on the voting for new names. We just published the results. I hope you enjoy the photos. As far as determining the gender of the eaglets the only thing I know to go on is size. Currently the eaglets are actually looking larger than Albert which makes me think they may be female. However I have read that they actually lose weight once they start exercising and preparing to fly. So nothing is clear about their gender. Putting gender aside, just figuring out how to tell them apart appears to be a significant challenge. Thanks again for your comments.