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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Eaglet Names - Please Vote!

Voting on eaglet names begins today. Please vote here.

The eaglets are growing at a fantastic rate. They appear to be 60 to 70 percent of the adult size.

Another way they are demonstrating growth is their response to a crow visiting the branches above the nest. One eaglet apparently slept through the visit. The crows' cawing caused the other eaglet, who is easily 5 to 6 time larger than the crow, to glance calmly up at the crow, look away and then yawn. 
The crow quietly gave up with the harassment and flew away. A few minutes later one of the parents (most likely Albert) returned with food.
The meal was fairly small and quick but for the first time the extended crop of one of the eaglets is visible. This pouch just below the neck stores food for later digestion.
It is also interesting to see the uneven covering of feathers. The early eaglet feathers are slowly being lost and replaced. It is as if their bodies are expanding faster than feathers can be generated. Not only is there a difference in the coloring of the feathers on their heads but the beaks of the younger birds lack the bright yellow color of the mature birds.
After the meal the adult perches on a near by branch. The eaglet cranes its' neck to make sure the parent has not gone too far away. 
Reassured and full the eagles peacefully enjoy the bright morning light.

Today looks to be another beautiful day. If you get the chance it would be a wonderful time to watch the wildlife on Union Bay. 

However before you go please don't forget to vote on names for the eaglets.  

Thank you!


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  1. Thank you! By the way do you (underground storage tanks) know anything about the new water storage facility north of Madison Ave and just south of the Arboretum? I understand it is for flood prevention but my question is which way will the water drain? If it flows north into the Arboretum Creek it could help increase water flow, which could help make the creek more appealing to salmon, which could help feed more eaglets in the Union Bay area.