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Monday, June 24, 2013

Special Alert! Elvis-Son Leaves the Nest

At least one son of Elvis has left the nest!

This beautiful young bird, which most likely hatched sometime around June 1st, has already fledged. He was seen this afternoon being feed by Elvis.

At one point Elvis was down on the ground next to the main Interlaken trail where he was tossing up leaves to find food for his son.

The young bird was also on the ground only 6 or 7 feet from the old road that has been converted to the main Interlaken trail.

This special alert has a dual purpose. First to let you know to watch for this beautiful little Pileated Woodpecker as you visit the park. Secondly to gently remind dog owners, of which I am one, that this would be a wonderful time to keep your pet on a leash. This young bird is just about the size of a squirrel and could be very attractive to a dog. 

Given that this little fellow hatched out approximately 4 weeks ago and left the nest just two days ago. It simply has not had time to learn about danger in the real world. In addition its ability to fly has not yet reached the skill of a mature bird. Your help in protecting this young bird would be greatly appreciated.

By the way in preparing this post another way to tell the young bird from the parent became obvious. This in addition to those methods mentioned in the previous post. Take a look at the following photo and see if it pops out at you.

Did you notice the eyes? The adult iris is yellow and the young bird's iris looks to be blue or grey, but clearly not yellow.

Thank you for helping to protect this beautiful little bird!



  1. Love the little guys expression you captured. New to the world and lots to explore. I do hope people heed your advice and protect him r

    1. Thank you. I think most folks just don't realize how much we need to protect. It goes all the way from this one young pileated to the diversity of life on earth, but we each have to start somewhere.

  2. Love your posts! Since leaving Montlake several years ago, I keep in touch w/the area through you and the Montlake site. Sharon