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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Birds at the Burke

Next Saturday morning at 10:30 a.m. (Oct. 19th 2013) I will be presenting some of my favorite bird photos, videos and stories as part of the first annual "Birds at the Burke". In the process I will be asking questions about birds I have photographed around Union Bay. I am also hoping to give away a few photos as well.

In this post I am including a variety of photos and hoping you will let me know which birds you would like to hear more about next week at the Burke. In addition these birds are un-named, until the post script, so you can test your bird recognition skills as well.

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

Number 5:

Number 6:

Number 7:

Number 8:

Number 9:

Number 10:

Number 11:

Number 12:

Number 13:

Number 14:

Number 15:

Number 16:

Number 17:

Number 18:

Number 19:

Number 20:

Have a great day on Union Bay...and I hope to see you at the Burke next Saturday!



1. Bald Eagle
2. Bald Eaglets
3. Cedar Waxwing
4. Green Heron
5. American Bittern
6. Western Grebe
7. Kildeer
8. Great Blue Heron
9. Anna's Hummingbird - Male
10. Wood Duck - Male
11. Pileated Woodpecker - Male (Elvis)
12. Downy Woodpecker - Male
13. Hooded Merganser - Male In front, Female behind
14. Common Merganser - Male
15. Cooper's Hawk - FY (due to orange eyes)
16. Flickers - Male above, Female below
17. Pied-billed Grebe & young
18. Mallard - Female with ducklings
19. Peregrine Falcon - FY
20. Barred Owl - Juvenile

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