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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Capitol Hill Snowy - Release News

The following email was sent this afternoon from Suzanne West at Sarvey Wildlife Care Center:


Press Release:  The snowy owl rescued in the Capitol Hill neighborhood will be released this: 

Saturday, December 8th at 11:00 am       
Release location is Volunteer Park, 1247 – 15th Ave E, Seattle

The Sarvey Wildlife Care Center ambulance will be in the parking lot. Kestrel SkyHawk, SWCC Education Director will be releasing the owl and available for questions. 

This snowy owl captured the attention of the residents in Capitol Hill when it was discovered injured on the ground grasping its prey on 11/13/12. The snowy owl has recovered from its injuries and continues to gain endurance and put on weight. At intake the owl was emaciated. Original weight on 11/13 was 1.47kg, as of 11/27/12 the owl weighed 1.84 kg. 

More details and a photo can be seen on our Facebook post the day the snowy owl arrived at Sarvey Wildlife: 

Additional photos of this owl before the rescue can be found here: http://www.unionbaywatch.blogspot.com/2012/11/capitol-hill-snowy-photos.html

The Seattle Times and local television networks covered the snowy owl rescue as well.

Please direct any questions to Suzanne West at  suzanne@sarveywildlife.org  or call Sarvey Wildlife at 360-435-4817 

Thank you,

Suzanne West 
Executive Director
Sarvey Wildlife Care Center

There could be a fair sized crowd there to watch the release. This could be intimidating for the Snowy Owl, however the good news is the owl is now in good health, which will enable it leave the area as quickly as it desires. Hopefully, the owl will be able to return to its formerly anonymous life style, but with added vigor and strength.

Hopefully, photos of the release will be coming soon to a blog near you.



  1. Larry, this is such great news! Thanks, too, for putting in the note about the possible size of the crowd. I was thinking that same thing, and will just be there in spirit.

    1. It is going to be interesting. I have never been involved in anything quite like this so I am really not sure what to expect. I will try to photograph the process as well as the owl's flight to freedom. Thank you for thinking of the owl.

  2. Larry, I would absolutely love to go and photograph the Snowy's release, but I think I'll stay away, to reduce the potential crowd factor. I imagine you will be there, representing for the rest of us wildlife bloggers? :-)

    1. I will be there and I hope to record and relay the experience. Mostly I am hoping the owl's experience is all positive. I admit I am curious where the owl will go. I expect initially it will simply try to find some solitude, but this could be a bit of a challenge starting out in the middle of the city. I wonder where it will end up spending the rest of the winter? We will most likely never know, but we do know the owl's odds of survival are certainly much higher.